PGSとSMACH Zの現状(2020/6/30版)

PGSとSMACH Zの現状(2019/1/10版)」という記事を書いてから1年。


SMACH Zの方は、TGS2019に動作実機を出展する、ということをやりました。(TGS2019にSMACH Zが実機展示されたとのこと)







コメント欄見ると、 から返金に成功した、という話や、SMACH Teamからのメールを転載する人が現れたりして混沌としています。

Dear backers,

It has been over a month and a half since the last update but, as you can imagine, things have been pretty outstanding due to the whole covid-19. The main reason for the waiting is because we were in complete blackout as well; all the decisions about reopening business were on the government. Also we have been deliberating about some decisions regarding production.

First and foremost, we are all in good health. Unfortunately we can’t say the same for many people around the world, including ours, where some locations have been pretty much devastated because of the virus, but at least things are finally starting to get better, generally speaking. We really hope all of you and your close friends and family are safe as well; if the virus has caught you closely, then we want to send to you our most sincere thoughts. We will get out of this, sooner or later.

As we mentioned, the situation is starting to get better in Spain. Proof of that is that the government has already announced the planning that all the communities are going to follow in order to get back to normal. Summarizing, there are 5 different phases (5 being the last step before getting back to normal), and some communities in Spain have already started phase 1. This means some businesses are starting to open (with many limitations) and, if everything keeps going well, every phase will allow more and more freedom, both business and socially speaking.

Getting back to us and the production of your devices, we have already received the samples of the new plastic cases from China, the ones we were waiting to restart production again. Unfortunately, and after a considerable amount of testing, we feel forced to announce they don’t match our quality expectations. From the beginning, we have been transparent about the goal of our project: delivering the best device we can make. Because of that, in this final stretch, and after a long deliberation by the entire team, we have decided to make some modifications on those plastics in order to get the results we expect; this plastics are key in order to release a device that feels right: not only aesthetically, but also ergonomically, both for playing and to ease the task of replacing components in the future.

At this time we are still considering our options, so it is hard to estimate new dates for shipping. We expect to ship the devices in the following months, but we prefer to specify dates once we make some final decisions about which direction to go with the plastics.

As always, thank you for your trust, patience and support, even more during this time

Stay safe,






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